About the Artist
Marisol  Macias
In her photography Marisol displays a fascination with the patterns and textures of  
nature, while employing intense color to enhance the impact of her images.

Her abstract rockscapes offer sensuous and mystical interpretations of natural forms.

She also focuses on the organic qualities of buildings in interaction with light, time
and the elements to elicit  their emotional dimension as depositories of memory

Marisol's unique paper vessels and collages combine painted and hand-made papers, altered photographic images, and found
natural objects elaborately layered over papier mache.

Her current work features two and three-dimensional decorative paper collages that continue to reflect her love for the colors and
textures of nature.  These mixed-media pieces incorporate aspects of her previous experience with clay, paint and photography.
Marisol's academic training in Art History, specially Oriental Art at the University of Miami and Princeton, and her lifelong interest
in Buddhism inform her subject matter and artistic sensibility.

An avid world traveler, Marisol's documentary photography explores the native cultures and power sites of Asia and the Americas.  
She is currently at work on a book of her photographs of the great monuments of Asia.

Over the year
s Marisol's affinity for the desert Southwest has led to extended sojourns in New Mexico. The Cuban- American artist
currently resides in Miami.