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Traces  the  Medieval  pilgrimage  route
across northern  Spain to  the legendary
shrine  of  Saint James  at  Compostela,
highlighting  the exquisite Romanesque,
Gothic  and  Baroque  monuments  built
over the centuries at the stopping points
along  this  fabled  European highway of
ideas, trade
and art.
Explores  the  turbulent  history  of  this
ancient  frontier  region -- my ancestral
homeland -- in a photographic journey
through time, from prehistory  up to the
present, across a rugged  land  of  sun
burnt  plains and winding rivers, of lofty
castles  and white-washed towns where
the past  proudly lives on in the stones
of its historic monuments.
A  photographic  pilgrimage  to  the great
sacred  monuments  of  the subcontinent,
both Buddhist and Hindu,  describing the  
evolution of  their distinctive architectural  
styles that reflect the fascinating religious  
mythology of India and its concept of  the
temple as cosmic mountain.